7th Employee in Williamson County Sheriff’s Department Complains of Sexual Harassment |


News4 Investigates has identified a seventh employee who filed sexual harassment complaints in the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office.

This follows our report in which six ministry employees came forward to claim that they had been sexually harassed by the sergeant. Chris Gray.

Gray remains in his rank and position despite the accusations.

Lawsuits obtained by News4 Investigates show MP Jamie Haynes filed two lawsuits, one in 2019 and another on December 8, 2021, accusing four officers of sexual harassment.

In the 2019 costume, she explains how she claims a captain made multiple attempts to kiss her.

In the 2021 complaint, she accused four male colleagues of harassment, writing how a captain suggested she performed oral sex on all officers in the sheriff’s department.

She also wrote that an HR worker who was present “witnessed this horrible sexual commentary laughed at this joke”.

Haynes also claims in the 2021 trial that she discovered that someone had put a USB drive containing pornography on her computer at school, she voiced her concerns to her captain who she says has then makes a sexually suggestive gesture.

Haynes writes in the lawsuit that instead of investigating porn, she was instead suspended for 22 days on charges of technical violations of policies and procedures.

Haynes says in the 2021 trial that she believes it was retaliation because of her previous trial and shows that she continued to report the sexual harassment.

Haynes has resolved his 2019 lawsuit, but court records do not show why or how it was resolved.

Haynes’ attorney said his policy was not to ask his clients for interviews.

Court records also show that the sheriff’s department has not responded to Haynes 2019 complaints and has yet to respond to his 2021 trial.

A lawyer from the sheriff’s office denied our requests to interview all of the accused officers, the human resources employee and the sheriff, but she wrote in an email that they disputed the allegations and were anxious to fight this in court.

News4 Investigates has not named the employees of the accused sheriff’s department because not only have we not been able to reach them for comment and we have not yet obtained the internal investigation file, as we did in Sgt. . The case of Chris Gray.

Once we get it, we will provide you with a follow-up report.


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