All about the Little Rock Police Department audit


After two reviews of the LRPD’s complaints and policies, one was dismissed while the other was presented to city directors.

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas – Two separate entities were tasked with reviewing the Little Rock Police Department.

One was done by Dr. Loretta Cochran, an Arkansas Tech professor who works part-time in the Little Rock Human Resources Department.

He was asked to review several complaints against LRPD chief Keith Humphrey as well as practices within the department.

But after the city had a month to consider its report, Mayor Frank Scott Jr. released a statement saying in part, “After careful consideration of the report and on the advice of the city attorney, no disciplinary action will be taken. socket.

Mayor Scott went on to claim that a GoFundMe donation given by Dr Cochran to someone involved in the case raised serious concerns about the fairness of his investigation.

One who, the mayor said, has made too many unsubstantiated allegations.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday evening, Little Rock administrators listened to CNA, an independent organization hired by the city, to provide an audit of LRPD policies.

While they did not review any complaints against the ministry, they found several policy issues, including favoritism and a lack of standards for staff reviews and prevention of nepotism and harassment.

“It helps us to be accountable, clear and transparent, but it also shows what we’ve done well and where we can improve,” Scott said.

The mayor asked the police chief to create a task force with members of the Fraternal Order of Police and the Black Police Association to review the findings of the audit.

“We can sit down and give our local take on how things are working to keep it from creating tracking issues,” Little Rock Fraternal Order of Police president Zach Farley said.

Another turn of events for the town of Little Rock.

Director Anwan Phillips presented a plan to change government operations in the city, including getting rid of general posts. These positions are held by Phillips, Joan Adcock and Dean Kempuris.

The Council will vote next week to put its proposal on the agenda or not. If they vote to accept it, it will be voted on in two weeks.

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