Applications are open for the Aviation Academy at Haney Technical Center


BAY COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) – If you are interested in a career in aviation, Haney Tech Center is now accepting applications for their Aviation Academy.

The class will start on Jan. 28 and students will leave their 2 years prepared for success, Haney leaders said.

Before an airplane can take off, a mechanic must make sure that the interior of an airplane checks all the boxes. These are the skills that students like Rachel Simmons are here to learn.

“You come in, you learn a system, it’s broken down very simply, the instructors are awesome, and you learn how to fix it and refurbish it,” SImmions said.

Simmons gained previous experience serving in the Navy.

Other students like Gabrielle Janicki have come here for a fresh start.

“I came over here and looked at it, I walked into the hangar and I was like ‘Yeah, okay that’s it,'” Jarnicki said.

Students start in the general program to learn the basics, then progress to more practical skills, such as aircraft inspection, repair and maintenance.

“The day we learned all about the different safety wiring techniques and how to secure cables around bolts,” Jarnicki said. “So we learned that in the classroom, and then we went to the lab and we learned it that day.”

The goal is to prepare students for the FAA exam and for completion of the two-year program. Alexandra Murphy, community relations manager at Haney, said the programs prepare students for any career in mechanics.

“One of the biggest draws for a lot of people is that you can get a job anywhere in the world when you have your FAA license,” Murphy said. “So it’s a global designation and there are so many different career paths. “

At Haney, they say people are always on the lookout for a mechanic and with this training your career could take you around the world.

The program is still accepting applicants for their next course which begins January 28. The app is available on the Haney Tech Center website.

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