Blair-Preston Fire Department to Double as First Responder Program


BLAIR, Wis. (WKBT) – Blair never had his own first responder team.

They used to have a few ambulances stationed in the city, but a few years ago they lost that program.

Now the Blair-Preston Fire Department fills the need the city has been missing.

Nine members of the Blair-Preston Fire Department will take first aid training from Western Technical College to ensure the town has a certified first aid program.

“A first responder is really what it says, you’re going to arrive on the scene, do an assessment. You’re going to pass that information on to the paramedics who are on the way so they’re a little better informed about what’s going on,” Blair-Preston Fire Chief Travis Armitage said.

A firefighter who takes the extra training says he does it because he wants the best for the community and when the majority of their calls are for EMS calls, it only makes sense that they would be a little more prepared.

“We get a lot of EMS calls, the majority of our calls are EMS calls. Now that the paramedics are out and coming from Whitehall, if we want to be first responders we will have more knowledge, more training to be able to help before the ambulance arrived,” Deputy Fire Chief Luke Solberg said.

Once the first responder group is established and licensing is complete, members of the public will also be able to join.

The Blair-Preston Fire Department says the training will cost about $600 per person.

This money will come from fundraising firefighters.


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