Ferrari restructures F1 technical department

Ferrari restructures the F1 technical department | SuperSport – Africa’s Source for Sports Videos, Schedules, Results & News

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Ferrari restructures the F1 technical department | Race News

Ferrari on Wednesday announced a restructuring of its Formula 1 technical department after struggling in the first three races of a season so far dominated by Mercedes.
The oldest, most glamorous and successful team in the sport, finalist last year, are fifth in the championship with Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc pushed into a more midfield battle.
Ferrari said in a statement the team would have a more focused and streamlined chain of command, with the heads of each department being “empowered to achieve their goals.”
Ferrari said Enrico Cardile will lead a new performance development department.
The other roles remain the same, with Enrico Gualtieri supervising the powertrain, Laurent Mekies remaining sporting director in charge of track activities and Simone Resta in charge of chassis engineering.
“We are making changes to the technical side of the organization in order to accelerate design and development on the performance front of the car,” said manager Mattia Binotto.
“A change of course was necessary to define clear lines of responsibility and work processes, while reaffirming the company’s confidence in its pool of technical talent.
“The department headed by Enrico Cardile will be able to count on the experience of Rory Byrne and senior engineers like David Sanchez. It will be the cornerstone of the car’s development.
South African designer Byrne, 76, was a key figure in Ferrari’s golden age at the turn of the century with seven-time champion Michael Schumacher in a team led by Jean Todt with Ross Brawn as technical director.
Ferrari has not won a driver’s title since Kimi Raikkonen’s success in 2007 when their last manufacturer’s title dates back to 2008.
Vettel, quadruple world champion with Red Bull, leaves at the end of the year with the Monegasque Leclerc face of the future.
Binotto said Ferrari must “make a decisive change, raising the bar in terms of the responsibilities of department heads”.
“We have said it many times, but it bears repeating: we have started to lay the foundations for a process which should lead to a new sustainable winning cycle,” he added.
“It will take time and we will suffer setbacks like the one we are currently experiencing in terms of results and performance.”

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Reopening of the THAI technical department, Don Mueang

Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) announced that its technical department in Don Mueang has reopened and resumed normal technical operations.

Mr. Piyasvasti Amranand, Chairman of THAI, said that the technical department of THAI at Don Mueang has reopened after heavy flooding which affected Don Mueang Airport and Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, resulting in a temporary closure as it heavy maintenance on the aircraft from October 26, 2011 to present has not been possible.

As the flood waters have receded and the situation has returned to normal, THAI’s technical department in Don Mueang will open its doors from today December 6, 2011 and will be ready to perform all maintenance services. heavy from December 19, 2011 daily, including holidays.

The five aircraft that had undergone heavy maintenance in the hangar were not affected by the flooding as they were supported by the aircraft equipment in the hangar. The five aircraft include: two Boeing 747-400, one Boeing 777-300, one Boeing 777-300ER and one Airbus A330-300. A Boeing 747-400 that was undergoing an air cargo modernization that was originally scheduled for completion in March 2012 is now delayed by about a month. Economy class seats on the remaining Boeing 747-400s, which were originally scheduled to be completed in December 2011, are now delayed by two months. The other three aircraft, Boeing 777-300, Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A330-300, are undergoing normal maintenance with no impact on THAI’s flight planning schedule. For the two Airbus A300-600 planes which had been decommissioned from the fleet and were awaiting sale, the technical department of THAI had taken care to securely protect these planes and engines in plastic film, being in normal conditions.

As for some damage to the building of the technical department of THAI at Don Mueang airport to the electrical system, cooling system, computer equipment and roads, these can be repaired. Affected areas have been cleaned, refurbished, repaired and flood water properly treated to remain compliant with ISO14001 standards, Civil Aviation Authority safety standards and international aviation standards.

THAI is in the process of estimating the damage to the Technical Department’s operations center, which will be submitted to the relevant insurance company.

THAI continues to serve passengers at Suvarnabhumi Airport and perform aircraft maintenance services at THAI Technical Department in Suvarnabhumi and THAI Technical Department in Utapao, Amphur Sattahip, Cholburi Province.

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