The program will not only become the state’s first, but also one of the few in western Canada.

“There are so few of them that we really have the opportunity to create a niche program that would attract people from all over the country,” Leum said.

The local technicians not only agreed to donate a retail space where the lessons could be given, but also offered to employ CCC students for on-the-job training.

As students complete the Marine Maintenance Certificate, they will earn several “stackable certificates” such as Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), United States Coast Guard, American Boat Certification. and Yacht Council, as well as apartment maintenance training for use on barges.

Cyber ​​security

The new cybersecurity curriculum, which will focus on penetration testing and incident response, will join four existing priorities within the Associate of Science degree in Computer Technology at CCC: IT Technician, IT Support, Graphic Design and Web and network administrator.

It will also serve as a bridging program to Northern Arizona University’s developing undergraduate and graduate programs in cybersecurity, for which the NAU is currently recruiting lecturers.

“Cyber ​​security is one of those areas of training where, as long as they have good and robust Internet connectivity, people can do a lot of their work from home and serve the world,” Jones said.

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