CT vocational schools get involved in the COVID pandemic


For Lincoln Tech’s 750 students, safety begins at the door.

EAST WINDSOR, Connecticut – As public school students are about to return to class, some schools have already been open for two months. Connecticut trade schools like Lincoln Tech in East Windsor and the Porter and Chester Institute are among them.

For Lincoln Tech’s 750 students, safety begins at the door.

President Kevin Clark said, “We take their temperature, and there’s actually something called our daily wellness check.”

Lincoln Tech has successfully entered this contactless world since June 1.

“Inside the school, we clean regularly. Everyone is required to wear a mask 100% of the time, ”said Clark.

Inside, students hone their craft and shape their craft into a new normal. Students come from all walks of life. Chris Sulzman was a correctional officer for 13 years before an injury interrupted his career. “I came here, they asked me what I could do. The state is playing for my training. I want to be a welder,” he said.

Aundrea Cook has worked in customer service her entire life. She is now pioneering a career in auto mechanics. “Don’t think of yourself as a woman, just look at yourself as someone who wants to do any job. Coming to a place like this as a woman doesn’t bother you, no one stops you. you’ll appreciate it if that’s what you like, ”she said.

Here, students enter and leave the classroom. They do a few days of online learning, then a few days of practice. As Cook said, it has its advantages. “I think COVID made things a little better because now it’s smaller groups and a little more one on one. “

With 88% placement, Lincoln Tech fills a skills gap with a labor pool. They understand that even in the midst of a global pandemic, life goes on.

Lincoln Tech instructor Felix Feliciano said: “Trying to keep the distance of six feet, keeping the mask on. It’s a little difficult, but nonetheless it’s a pleasure to be back and do our work.”

The situation is similar to the Porter & Chester Institute in Rocky Hill. Students and teachers said the situation was difficult but rewarding.

John LaFontaine said, “I can’t wait. I still have seven weeks.” LaFontaine is an Army veteran and HVAC student. CVC is in high demand amid the pandemic. “Everyone who works from home uses their systems more than they normally would. Filters need to be changed more regularly,” said LaFontaine.

Instructor Bruce Ruvolo said FOX61 COVID focused on the filtration of heating and cooling systems.

“There are different levels of filtration. We can start with a horsehair filter, go through a pleated filter, go through a charcoal filter, a HEPA filter, and even add infrared light to that. If you follow all of these steps, you will kill pretty much everything, ”Ruvolo said.

Like Lincoln Tech, Porter and Chester Institute in Rocky Hill does a few days online and a few days hands-on.

Ruvolo said: “It’s a very practical job. We’ve tried to maintain all of the social distancing, but it’s been a challenge honestly and sincerely. But I think it’s important that Porter and Chester go ahead. “

And maybe nothing is more practical than cosmetology. This is where Stephanie Camacho said the FOX61 mannequin heads replaced the real ones. “Before COVID we could work on each other and now if it’s a possibility we have to wear masks, face shields and gloves,” Camacho said.

Porter and Chester students can specialize in 12 trades. Many of them are very valuable, especially during COVID, like their practical medical assistant and nursing programs.


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