Department of Agriculture’s Laboratory Services Division Launches Program for High School Students Interested in Agricultural Sciences – Greeley Tribune


The Colorado Department of Agriculture is launching an outreach program to help high school students learn more about agricultural science, in time for National Chemistry Week, Sunday through Saturday.

The Lab Outreach Program is a free hands-on learning program to teach students about the connection between laboratory science and agriculture, according to a press release from the Department of Agriculture.

Schools, program directors and science teachers can customize the program to suit different groups of students. It provides in-person and online opportunities to speak with scientists, see and learn from experiments, and even tour state laboratory facilities.

“Students interested in careers in STEM fields should have the opportunity to experience different applications of science and CDA is keen to support these future leaders in agriculture,” said Eric Petty, director of the services division. laboratory, in the press release. “The Lab Outreach program will help students see and understand the cross-cutting concepts that link different fields of science. Seeing scientists at work can give students from all walks of life the inspiration and confidence to pursue careers in technical fields.

The activities of the program revolve around the three laboratories of the division:

  1. The BioChem laboratory (analytical), using microbiological and analytical chemistry tests to analyze agricultural samples.
  2. The metrology laboratory, certifying reference weights and volume measurements used in field calibrations of measuring devices.
  3. The Animal Health Laboratory, which helps veterinarians comply with regulations on livestock diseases.

School age groups of all skill levels and levels of scientific knowledge are encouraged to plan an educational visit. Group and school leaders are encouraged to contact the Laboratory Services Division to schedule a personalized in-person or virtual tour.

For more information or to schedule a visit, contact Caroline Baty-Barr within the division at [email protected] or (303) 869-9222. Additional information is also available at


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