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Nagpur. Minister of Higher and Technical Education Chandrakant Patil has instructed Chief Secretary of Higher Education Rastogi to prepare a comprehensive report on the problems of university teachers and submit it within a week. A delegation from Vidyapeeth Shikshan Manch led by Kalpana Pandey, Satish Chafle met Patil in Mantralaya and discussed the outstanding issues.

During the discussion, the full implementation of the 7th Remuneration Commission set up by the Centre, the implementation of the old pension scheme for teachers and employees appointed after November 1, 2005, the staffing immediate vacancies in all universities and colleges, NET-SET affected faculty in an appropriate manner Ancillary benefits for MPhil qualified faculty as well, exemption from PhD qualification under UGC standards for appointment of associate professors, implemented an incentive increase for professors who obtained a doctorate after 2016, advantages for internships Application for promotion to associate and professor should be given from the day of eligibility, instead of giving elimination appropriate from the day of the actual committee meeting.

Capital remaining until retirement

He said pending applications from engineering colleges should be considered positively. The tenure of the director position should be extended until retirement instead of just five years. To curb blind work in the cooperative office, a requirement was also made to work according to the citizens’ charter. Minister Patil advised Assistant Secretary Baviskar to take prompt action to resolve all issues at the earliest. Pandey said the problems of university professors are increasing day by day, but given the government’s positive attitude, it looks like it will soon be solved.


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