High school students at Trumbull Career and Technical Center prepare for high-demand jobs after graduation


CHAMPION, Ohio (WKBN) – February is Career and Technical Education Month and the Trumbull Career and Technical Center showcased its programs that prepare students for high-paying and high-demand careers.

Due to the pandemic, many jobs are increasingly in demand.

After graduation, TCTC students will have the opportunity to obtain certifications in various fields that will allow them to enter the workforce or continue their education.

The school calls it their “three Es”. Each student, when registering for his program, will identify his objectives: enrollment, employment or enrollment in a college or a trade school.

The program focuses on hands-on real-world experience. For nursing students, that means using each other to practice drawing blood. This experience allows them to prepare to become a State Tested Auxiliary Nurse, STNA.

“It really gave me a head start. So Ms. Meyer taught us how to study properly and the actual workload that they (college / work) are going to place on us, ”said Anna MacKenzie, a senior pre-nurse student, who plans to continue her education at Cleveland State. .

“I learned more than I could ever learn at this age. I mean, I’m 17 and I’m STNA certified so that’s great. I mean… my first year, I never thought I would get this far and it’s because of my entry into this technical school, ”said Makayla Marro, a final year pre-nurse student.

“I definitely made a good choice coming here and it has definitely changed my life and the lives of a lot of other people who go here at TCTC and I am very grateful,” said Early Childhood Education student Angelena Baum.

These students learned on a hybrid model, spending half the time learning online and the other half on campus. Barb Meyer, a pre-nurse phlebotomy instructor, says it has been difficult to motivate her children.

“They need their classes to graduate from high school. So it’s been a really big fight this pandemic to get our kids to want to do the theoretical part of their job, as well as the practice, ”Meyer said.

They have fun learning how to draw blood from each other in the phlebotomy lab to keep their spirits up.

The pre-nurse is not the only program in high demand.

“We have people calling all the time, employers in the area, preschools asking if we have, you know, seniors we could recommend or senior graduates who have already got their CDA, we get phone calls all the time, “preschool said. instructor Ashley Chilton.

“Over the past month, three independent shops have contacted me and kind of knocked on my door looking for potential employees,” said Brad Ronyak, auto collision instructor.

The preschool education program allows students to work with their instructor and lead classes with preschoolers. They read books and do other activities in class.

“They (the TCTC students) get training in first aid, CPR, contagious diseases, child abuse and neglect, and then we also work towards an ADC, which is an associate in child development. If they want to go straight into the workforce after high school and they want to skip college, with those certifications, they can be hired at just about any kindergarten, ”Chilton said.

In the auto collision program, they can not only work on real cars, but also bring their own projects. Viola McClimans senior brought her motorcycle to the workshop to work there.

“It was white, so I decided to paint it black to match the red frame and cover the pattern of the wheels, so it could accentuate the redness as well,” McClimans said.

There are 30 programs that students can join in their last two years of high school in order to gain a rung in the job market.

“They make us proud, really. They are doing a really good job. I’m happy that they can then come out and be productive members of our society. And they can go and help us work and do their jobs well, ”Meyer said.

To learn more about all of the programs offered at TCTC, you can visit their website.


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