KU Education Department Hosts Drug Addiction and Mental Health Seminar


Srinagar, December 25: The University of Kashmir’s Department of Education held a one-day seminar on Saturday on “Addiction, Mental Health and the Struggle Between the Two: Help Needed.”

In his presidential address, Exam Comptroller Prof Irshad Ahmad Nawchoo, who was the occasional lead guest, said any excess can become addictive.

He said educational institutions have a greater responsibility to help solve different social issues by raising awareness.

He also said it was important to research drug abuse to identify its causes and find solutions.

The Dean of the Faculty of Education and Behavioral Sciences, Professor Showkat Ahmad Shah, delivered a special speech, stressing that a responsible approach to the community is needed by all stakeholders to make society a better place to live.

The head of the education department, Professor Tasleema Jan, gave the welcome speech and said his department is one of the main stakeholders in holding serious discussions on social and educational issues such as work. of children, the problems of marginalized sections of society, the psychological well-being of children and adults, drug addiction and others. She emphasized the importance of mental health and how essential it is to the well-being of individuals as well as to the well-being of families and communities.

Former Education Department Head Prof. Mahmood Ahmad Khan gave the keynote address and stressed that drug addiction “can start either as fun or as a sort of defense mechanism against an identity crisis. personal “. Subsequently, drug addiction can become a matter of routine, he said.

Dr Arshid Hussain of the Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience, in his keynote address, thanked the department for organizing the program.

Drug addiction has become a serious problem and it is high time for everyone to play their part in tackling its causes, he said, calling for greater awareness of the masses on drug detoxification.

Former Principal and Dean of Law School Prof Mohammad Ayub, who was the guest of honor, highlighted the main laws related to drug addiction and changes made to them from time to time.

Abid Hussain, Senior Advisor at the Youth Development and Rehabilitation Center, presented statistical data on drug addiction and highlighted its psychological effects.

Later, a technical session was conducted and chaired by Dr Aamina in which academics and professors presented their papers.

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