May Police News | Bedminster Township Police Department


The Bedminster PD recorded 467 incident reports for May 2022.

Crime-related items of interest:

• On 13/04/2022 a Durham Road resident’s vehicle which he advertised for sale on the internet was stolen from him while he was meeting a potential buyer. The buyer tried to pay with counterfeit money, then left in the vehicle. May Update: Vehicle was picked up in Trenton, NJ on May 18th.

• On 01/05/2022, entry was forced into the fenced area of ​​Tractor Supply and a motorized mini-bike was stolen overnight.

• On 5/18/2022, a Stonebridge resident was sentenced to 32 to 72 months in state prison for two aggravated assaults on her late husband in 2020 and 2021.

• On 05/22/2022, Ofc. Pekach and a DCNR Ranger arrested a 57-year-old Lansdale resident on aggravated assault and related charges when called to the 1800 block of Mink Road for a domestic disturbance in which park patrons said hearing a woman screaming for help.

• Trafficking of items of interest:

• We handled (6) reportable traffic accidents (towing and/or injuries). A serious injury has been reported.

• Traffic control:

o 62 roadside checks were carried out.

o 28 traffic tickets were issued.

o 55 traffic warnings were issued.

o 2 arrest warrants were issued during roadside checks

o 2 DUI arrests were made on traffic stops.

Other topics of interest:

o Training:

 Agent Chonko has completed DRE school and has become a Certified Drug Recognition Expert. DREs are proficient in detecting and identifying people impaired by alcohol and/or drugs. DREs are trained to perform a systematic, standardized assessment that includes physical, mental, and medical elements. This training is part of a national program to determine if someone has driven under the influence of drugs and identify the type of drug causing the impairment or recognize if the individual has a condition medical condition rather than a disability. Due to the complexity and technical aspects of DRE training, this is a remarkable achievement achieved by only a select few. Chonko officer certification will benefit the township and surrounding communities by helping keep impaired drivers off the roads.

 Corporal Thompson has completed the FBI-LEEDA trilogy series. The series consists of three leadership courses designed to form a comprehensive leadership educational experience. These courses establish the credibility, ethics, leadership, resilience, strategy, and social and emotional intelligence of its leaders. The entire Bedminster Township command staff has completed the FBI-LEEDA Trilogy Series, a demonstration of our commitment to leadership and community.

o Safety at school:

 We participated in a vulnerability assessment of Bedminster Elementary School with the PSP Homeland Security Section and Pennridge School District officials.


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