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ANDERSON, Mo. – A high school in southwest Missouri is preparing to kick off its new theatrical season.

And even if the students of the production do not intend to devote their lives to the stage, they will already have acquired skills that will help them succeed in another profession.

McDonald County drama teacher Wyatt Hester says it’s amazing to see the transformation that takes place in a student from the start of their freshman year in the program until they reach senior.

“And it’s very easy for the kids to go” Oh, I’m just going to look at my phone all day “but with the theater it changes everything, they flourish, they flourish, they just do things amazing with their talents because of the theater, ”said Wyatt Hester, McDonald Co. HS drama teacher.

Two good examples are Rylee Patterson and Jacob Winkler, who play the main characters in the show’s first production, Pygmalion, which later turned into the musical “My Fair Lady”, and they are just juniors.

“Amazing friends, teachers, supporters, family members, everyone says you can do it, you know you have to build yourself up and surpass everything because you can’t surpass nothing in life if you stay just in fear, ”Rylee said. Patterson, McDonald Co. HS Junior.

“Human skills, learning how to communicate with people, how to talk to people, I would also say time management, this program is really on the whole, you need good time management skills and I really learned to have it in this program, ”said Jacob Winkler, McDonald Co. HS Junior.

Patterson plans to use her newfound self-confidence and other skills she learned in the theater to someday start her own business. Winkler plans to major in drama in college and maybe one day become a teacher himself.

But Hester says there’s no show without the techs doing what they’re doing. He says they are also learning life skills.

“The kids off the stage actually learn the technology, they learn how to operate it, we have the lighting, we have the sound, we have the lighting, we have all the backstage instruments that make it happen. possible, pretty amazing all of the different things they learn, ”Hester said.

As for “Pygmalion” – you can check it out Saturday night at 6 am at McDonald County High School.

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