Only one or two unvaccinated staff members per school, depending on the department


“Where schools have unvaccinated staff, this is limited to one or two people in the vast majority of cases.


“In addition, the department has access to approximately 5,000 fully immunized relief teachers who are ready to work in public schools if needed.”

Work was underway in all states and territories to develop a nationally consistent approach to testing and isolation requirements for schools, the spokeswoman said, but could not confirm whether any rapid antigen tests would be provided to staff.

The number of unvaccinated is far lower than predicted by the Professional Association of Queensland Teachers at the end of last year, which warned that 6,000 teachers could be lost.

The Department of Education is not the first sector to face the vaccination mandate, with police and health care workers subject to the directive, and some already suspended and others taking their battle to court.


The number of those opposing the mandate has raised concerns as thousands of workers simultaneously test positive for COVID, reducing the number of employees in hospitals and police departments.

Earlier this week, 2,138 health workers tested positive, adding pressure to the strained health system.

More than 2,700 were also considered close contacts, with some continuing to work in wards under daily testing regimes.

Health Minister Yvette D’Ath on Thursday again denounced the Nurses Professional Association Queensland, which she said wrote on social media that it “welcomes the government’s decision to allow nurses to return. unvaccinated health in the health forces”.

“This is not correct. We are not planning or welcoming unvaccinated healthcare workers into the healthcare system at all. I hope the NPAQ will immediately clarify this statement.

Once the state reaches 90% double vaccination, Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk said unvaccinated people would still not be able to visit pubs and clubs and other areas where they had been banned and the rules would not would not change.


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