Procurement of Computer Assets from the Department of Social Services


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The California Department of Social Services (DSS) spent just over $2 million in the first quarter of 2022 on computer assets, according to the State Contract and Procurement Registration System.

The top five purchases in the category, which totaled $2,102,476 with rounding, were:

  • $847,447 for Dell Mobile Precision workstations, purchased on January 10 under a statewide contract from PC Specialists Inc.
  • $499,999 for technical consulting services, purchased Jan. 10 under a multiple-award schedule contract in California that extends through June 30. The contract is to provide services for DSS’s Statewide Verification Hub project.
  • $475,880 for Dell Latitude tablets, purchased Jan. 10 through Granite Data Solutions as part of a statewide contract.
  • $168,791 for Dell Latitude laptops, purchased Feb. 4 through Granite Data Solutions under a statewide contract.
  • $110,359 for a “Full Access Alchemer License,” purchased March 23 from Onpar Advisors on a competitive small business option. Alchemer is a provider of surveys, access logs, and other products.
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