Rwanda gets $ 80 million to build vocational schools


Rwandan government secured a whopping $ 80 million Indian Export and Import Bank (EXIM Bank) build 10 schools specializing in technical and vocational education and training (TVET) across the country.

Jonah Kwikiriza, Acting Coordinator of the Single Project Implementation Unit at Workforce Development Authority (WDA) confirmed the reports and said they were finalizing plans with the government to pave the way for construction.

According to the acting coordinator, the development is part of an effort to ensure that at least 60% of students who complete the mainstream secondary level join vocational education. The target had already been set for 2018, but it was later revised to 2024 due to lack of infrastructure and sufficient teaching staff, among other constraints.

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Technical and vocational education and training schools (TVET)

He further asserted that the WDA has already defined where the facilities will be built based on different criteria including access to water sources, electricity and road infrastructure.

The development project which will be built on 10 districts will include the construction of four new incubation centers. The WDA has organized three different trades (combinations) per school, with each trade having two different streams, and each stream will accommodate a minimum of 30 students, which means at least 180 students per school with standard practical workshops.

“Districts have different market requirements and different raw materials, so this was a better way to come up with an initiative that has an impact on society using practical skills. Within the framework of this project, we will let the teachers, as well as all the persons in charge concerned, preselect the disciplines to be taught particularly in their fields and we will compare with the priority centers and will decide ”, declared Kwikiriza.

Currently, there are 5,200 teachers in vocational schools across the country and 2,026 have undergone specialized training in different disciplines.

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