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The Daily Tribune –

Bahrain’s technical and vocational schools have resumed classes where students also attend practical sessions, a senior education ministry official said.

Director of Technical and Vocational Education Muhammad Al-Siddiqi said these in-person classes are in line with Bahrain’s Covid-19 protocols.

In technical schools, the presence of students in workshops and laboratories is inevitable, because they need to acquire practical experience.

“It’s about increasing students’ understanding of their craft, and it’s done under the direct supervision of specialist teachers,” he added.

He said technical and vocational schools are well prepared to receive students in a safe and healthy environment, and schools are also streaming 800 online lessons per week. For this, the Department of Technical and Vocational Education has also provided the necessary training to teachers, he said.

“So that the teaching and learning of our students is not affected.”

He also revealed that the authority had shortened the program to focus on the most important areas and ensure efficient use of available resources.


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