Teens on waitlist as Mahoning County Vocational and Technical Center sees high enrollment numbers


CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) — Imagine getting your cosmetology certificate, ready to have your own chair in a salon at age 18, or learning a skilled trade like being an electrician. Even earn college credits before high school graduation. We spoke with students and staff at the Mahoning County Technical and Career Center about the current enrollment status.

The school has been around for almost 50 years and we are told enrollment is extremely high at the moment. They even had to refuse children. Students and staff say there are many reasons for this.

Philomena and Elizabeth Cackovic are seniors at MCCTC and the only women in their electrician program. They are twins with the same passion for trades.

“Well, my dad is in the construction business. He was kinda pushing us to do it and I thought it wasn’t going to be fun. I thought it was going to be a bit boring, but once in I was really excited,” Philomena said.

They say the learning environment is very different from your typical high school.

“In my homeschooling it was a bit difficult for me because there was so much more I had to learn. But here everything is easier for me and I get good grades here and there. completely changed my life,” Elizabeth said.

These girls are the luckiest. The program they attend has a waiting list of at least 40 students from the area.

“Not only do we have a waitlist for electrical, cosmetology and welding, but now we have a waitlist for cybersecurity and we have waitlists for creative arts and design,” said Jessica Cene, Marketing Director of MCCTC.

Cene says career tech schools have changed and now offer courses leading to an associate degree.

“The moment you set foot on a college campus, you’re light years ahead of everyone else,” Cene said.

MCCTC Superintendent John Zehentbauer says many local businesses are looking to hire these highly skilled students, even before they graduate.

“They watch our juniors at the end of their junior year. They recruit them to come and work in their businesses and businesses,” he said.

Cene says they are full for next fall. However, things can change. Stains may open. She encourages anyone interested to visit the establishment to see if it will be suitable.


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