Two Vocational Schools in Varaždin County Obtain Erasmus Accreditation


ZAGREB, February 8, 2022 – Varaždin Electrical Engineering Secondary School and Maruševec Secondary School are two schools in Varaždin county, among 12 in Croatia, which have received Erasmus accreditation for vocational education and training by the Mobility Agency and EU programs.

Miroslav Huđek, head of the education department of Varaždin county, told a press conference on Tuesday that 26 vocational schools from all over Croatia had applied and 12 had obtained accreditation.

Huđek said that the two accredited schools mean that 40% of vocational schools in Varaždin county have a stable source of funding for the period 2021-2027. He noted that 70% of secondary schools in the county are vocational schools, attended by about 5,000 students.

Vocational education is the link with the economy and the labor market. We must take into account the quality of education so that our schools can communicate with Europe,” said Huđek.

The director of the school of electrical engineering, Igor Kos, said that they have been actively involved in EU projects since 2010. “The value of this project will be around 190,000 euros per year, because every year , we plan to send about 30 students to other countries,” he said.

Maruševec Secondary School offers two medical programs, for nurses and physiotherapists, which will be included in the mobility. The school’s headmaster, Dejan Stanjević, said 15 of their pupils, including three members of the Roma minority, were already in Ireland. “It is very important that all students have equal opportunities for mobility programs,” he stressed.


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