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THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO ~~~~~ June 12, 2022 (LSNews) The United States has accused the Russian and Chinese governments of spreading misinformation on the subject.

The US Department of Defense released a fact sheet disclosing its support for biological research facilities in Ukraine, revealing on Thursday the exact number of biological facilities it has supported in the country in the document.

When details of America’s involvement with biological research facilities in Ukraine first emerged during a Senate hearing with Undersecretary of Defense Victoria Nuland, as detailed by Rebel Newsthe old media was quick to downplay America’s involvement in biological research in the region, accusing anyone who talks about it online of being a conspiracy theorist.

The United States has accused the Russian and Chinese governments of spreading misinformation on the subject.

The Department of Defense disclosure is the first time the agency has revealed the exact number of such US government-supported facilities in Ukraine.

The document titled “Fact Sheet on WMD Threat Reduction Efforts” states that the United States “has worked collaboratively to improve Ukraine’s biosafety, security, and disease surveillance for human and animal health,” providing support for “46 peaceful Ukrainian laboratories, health facilities, and disease diagnostic sites over the past two decades.

“Collaborative programs have focused on improving public health and agricultural security measures at the crossroads of nonproliferation,” the Department of Defense said in the statement.

According to Russian state media, the Russian military said only three labs in Ukraine had the security levels required to conduct the type of research they were involved in. Citing reports from the Ukrainian government, General Igor Kirillov, head of the nuclear, biological and chemical division of Russia’s protection forces said that a Ukrainian facility was struggling with a series of problems due to its lack of protocols. of security.

The Kremlin has accused the US government of spending more than $224 million on biological research in Ukraine between 2005 and 2022, according to the Russian News Agency. CASS. The Russian government has also accused Western pharmaceutical companies, non-profit groups and Democrats of involvement in the scheme.

The Department of Defense asserts that “the joint efforts of the United States and partners working with Russia to destroy Russia’s declared stockpile of chemical weapons under international verification by the Technical Secretariat of the Organization for the Prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) and ensuring that Soviet scientists with weapons – related knowledge could have sustainable civilian employment – in particular, helping scientists remove incentives to seek or accept terrorist employment and funding or other state actors.

“Today, collaborations in Ukraine remain peaceful efforts to improve nuclear and radiological safety and security, disease surveillance, chemical safety and security, and preparedness to respond to epidemics and pandemics such as COVID- 19″, insists the Ministry of Defense.

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