Waldo County Technical Center Grade 8 Students Participate in Statewide CO2 Drag Race


Eighth graders Lysa Beckett, Jayden Hasenbank, Brady Peters, and Emma Hurd of the Waldo County Technical Center (WCTC) Employability Skills Program (ESP) competed in a statewide CO2 drag race at SkillsUSA, a National Technical and Career Student Organization (CTSO) competition, March 18, 2022 in Bangor.

To prepare for the race, the students designed their own cars, drawing a diagram to fit the legal measurements and cutting the shape out of foam with a bandsaw, then building the cars out of timber. balsa. Each car is fitted with a CO2 canister which acts like a rocket, propelling the car around the track. The track was purchased from a STEM-based educational supply company and was assembled by students from WCTC’s Electrical Trades program. Students learned basic aerodynamics as well as the use and setup of shop tools.

The ESP program held a class-wide race to test their cars for national competition. Many other WCTC programs came out to cheer on the competitors as their cars flew around the 40ft long track, according to the WCTC in a press release. It was a heated race that produced two winners – Lysa Beckett for the morning session and Brayden Barlett for the afternoon session.

Participation in SkillsUSA gives CTSO students across the country the opportunity to practice professionalism, sportsmanship and courage, the WCTC said. WCTC has a long history of competing at SkillsUSA, which began in 1989. In fact, one of the CO2 Dragster Race competitors, Emma Hurd, has two cousins ​​and an aunt who attended WCTC and won medals winners at SkillsUSA. Their names are printed on SkillsUSA State Champion banners in the WCTC Student Center. With 24 students heading to Bangor this year to compete in various competitions, WCTC hinted at other banners being added to the collection.


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